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Privacy GDPR

Information about our use of personal information, your rights and how we handle personal information.

Right to privacy and confidentiality

All our employees and anyone serving Thermocold are required to prevent unauthorized access or knowledge of what he or she is getting to know about someone’s personal circumstances. In some cases, confidentiality is particularly strict as for sensitive personal information and health information. If we have registered as a customer, we have some personal information about you as your name, your address, email address and phone number. In addition, any technical information that may be associated with you, such as the networks and devices you use and which address it is linked to, may be registered.

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement follows the provisions of the Privacy Act (Personal Information Act) of 01.01.2001 and the GDPR Regulation.

You are entitled to access

Anyone who asks for it will be told how the information about their own person is being treated. You can contact us and ask to know what information we have about you, what to use and where they are obtained from. This applies both to electronic and manual records. You will receive a response within 10 business days. You must be able to request that incorrect or inaccurate information about you be corrected. Basically, we will make mistakes or mistakes in our own initiative. However, it is not always easy for anyone who processes large amounts of information to realize that something is missing or incorrect. We therefore recommend that everyone actively use the right of access and notify us at tel. 69102400 or if it is incorrect.

You may require unnecessary information about you to be deleted or copied (portability)

We delete or block information that is no longer required for the purpose of the registration. This does not apply if the information is to be kept in accordance with other legislation, such as the Accounting Act and the Archive Act.

You must be able to exercise your rights free of charge

When you request access, you wish to correct or copy your personal information, this is free. This also applies if you want your information deleted so that you can be forgotten.


Our policy is that we shall not sell, exchange or otherwise convey information of any kind about you to any third party without your consent.

Information Security

We are responsible for ensuring that personal information is adequately secured by the Personal Data Act.
We have, among other things, prioritized risk analyzes, introduced procedures that will provide the necessary security.
We ensure that only those who have an official purpose have access to the information.
Furthermore, we ensure that information can not be changed or deleted by anyone other than those authorized to do so.
We ensure that your personal information is available when it is necessary to perform our duties to provide you with the best possible service.
We review our routines periodically so that security at all times is as good as possible. If we find that a routine is not followed, this is followed up thoroughly.


If you still have questions regarding the processing of personal information, please contact your personal representative Anders Tørnqvist, tel. 69102400 or by mail:

Website Privacy Policy

The type of personal information that we process

Personal data are all data that can be directly or indirectly related to you. We may collect and process the following categories of personal information:

Name and other identifiable information

For example, we can record your name, title, gender and date of birth.

Your contact details and details about your personal account or registration

Your contact details may include your address, location, telephone number and e-mail address. If you register for a specific service or create a personal account, we can also record your login details and other information that you enter in the account or registration form.

Our communication with you

If you send us an e-mail or message via social media, we will record your communication with us. When you call us, we record your questions or complaints in our database.

Information that we collect when you use our website

When you visit our website, we can record your IP address, browser type, operating system, referring website, surfing behaviour and click behaviour. With your permission we can also receive your location data.

In addition, we can receive an automatic notification if you open a newsletter or click on a link in a newsletter.

Information that you share with us

You can choose to share information with us, for example if you respond to social media or fill in a customer survey.

Cookies and similar technologies

If you use our website, we collect information via cookies and similar technologies. For more information, read our cookie policy on the website.

How we collect your data

Thermocold can obtain your personal data in a number of ways, for example when you fill in a form, communicate with us via social media or register for our newsletter. Depending on your social networking settings, we may also receive information from the provider of your social network.

The purposes for which we use your data

The main purposes for which we use your personal information are:

To provide services to you

To simplify the use of our online services for you, we may analyse the data collected by you from your use of our digital media and combine them with information collected through cookies and similar technologies. For example, to know which digital channel (e-mail, social media) or device (desktop, tablet or mobile) you prefer so that we can focus our communication on that channel or device.

To communicate with you

We use your contact information to communicate with you, answer your questions or handle your complaints.

For statistical research

We use automatic tools to carry out statistical research regarding general trends of the use of our services, website and social media and the behaviour of the preferences of our customers and users. Through statistical research we can develop better services. In addition, we can improve the design and content of our website.

In carrying out our research we can combine and analyse the different types of data. We only use aggregated data and do not use names, e-mail addresses or other directly identifiable information. We can also combine such aggregated data with information from public sources. We will not use sensitive data for this statistical investigation without your consent.

For direct marketing purposes

We may use your personal information to send you newsletters or other marketing messages. To know what is relevant to you, we can use automatic tools to analyse your personal information. For this purpose, we can use and combine the information described above. We can also combine such aggregated information with information that we receive from public sources. We will not use your sensitive data for statistical research without your consent.

We use the results of our analysis to tailor our marketing messages to your specific interests and preferences. For example, if our analysis shows that you may be interested in certain types of services, we can modify our newsletter and website with content that we think are relevant to you.

We can use different channels for our marketing messages, such as e-mail and social media. You can revoke your permission to send marketing messages or make an objection at any time. For this, follow the instructions in the relevant marketing message or contact us.

Disclosure and sharing of data with third parties

We may disclose or share your personal information with third parties for the following purposes:

For the support services that we offer

We use third parties, such as social network providers and marketing agencies, to provide our services. All these third parties are required to adequately protect your personal information and to process it only in accordance with our instructions.

For statistical research and direct marketing

We may use your personal information for the purposes of statistical research and direct marketing (see above).

Third party websites

Our website contains links to third party websites. If you follow these links, you will leave our website. This privacy policy does not apply to third party websites. Thermocold accepts no liability for the use of your personal data by these third parties. Your use of these websites is at your own risk. See the privacy policy of these third parties (if available) on how they handle your personal information.

With partners

Your data can be shared with partners, in order to provide you with the best possible service.

Security and preservation

Thermocold takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or unlawful use.

Your personal data will be kept for as long as necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or to the extent necessary to comply with laws and regulations and to resolve disputes.

Child privacy

Thermocold strives not to collect information about children aged 16 or younger, or to create interest segments that are specifically designed to target children. If you are concerned about the privacy of your child in connection to our services, or if you believe that your child has entered personally identifiable information on our website, you can contact us..

Your rights

You have a number of rights when we record personal data about you. These rights are laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can view, correct, block or delete your personal details at any time.

To make use of your rights you can submit a written request. Thermocold has four weeks from the receipt of the request to assess whether the request is justified. Thermocold will announce what will happen to the request within four weeks. If the request is not followed, there is the possibility to object to Thermocold, or to submit a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet). On the basis of such a request, Thermocold can request additional information to ensure the identity of the person concerned.