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Warranty and complaint

Contact form for warrantyservice and complaint

– Have you maintained and cleaned your product according to the instructions / manual?
– Have you checked dust filter according to instructions / manual?
– Does the product get the air supply and ventilation it should have?
– Have you read the instruction manual and taken actionable steps?

Regarding receipt

A copy of the receipt can be sent. If you have problems with this please see sample solutions:
– Request an electronic copy of the receipt from the point of sale
– Scan a paper receipt on the PC
– Take a photo of the receipt with your phone and send this in an email to yourself

NB If you receive an error message when you try to submit the form and need to fill in something again, all the files you have uploaded (pictures / receipt) will be reset and need to be uploaded again.

Terms and Conditions (must be approved further down the form)

In this way, the invoiced minimum cost of NOK 1100 (converted into local currency) + any travel costs for service during the warranty / claims period is accepted if the following conditions are revealed:

– No errors are found
– The fault is due to improper / illegal installation, improper handling, carelessness or failure to perform maintenance and cleaning
– The product has been used for something other than what it was designed for
– The product was previously repaired with unoriginal parts
– Outside the warranty / claims time set by national laws

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    example TC6

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    Behind the dust filter on the front, or on the backside of the product.

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    With visible issues/damage attach an image


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