Cold Rooms Built to Measure (Custom)

Thermocold is the largest supplier of this type of cold rooms. We supply a full range of custom-made cold rooms and corner refrigerators according to specific dimensions.

Thermocold offers customer/dealers cold rooms according to specific dimensions and preferences. Do you have room to spare and would like to fit a corner refrigerator but do not have space for the standard size of unit or module? We can adapt our corner refrigerators and cold rooms to the space you have available.

We manufacture cold rooms with slanting roofs and different heights so that you can install a cooling room under the stairs, in a basement with lower ceiling height or in a cupboard off the kitchen.

Our cold rooms are manufactured in Norway using prefabricated cooling room elements. They provide extremely good insulation. The walls, floor and ceilings of the room are made of a type of steel known as food-safe. Food-safe steel has a high ability to withstand wear and tear over a long period of time and is recommended by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The food-safe elements inhibit bacteria and are very simple to keep clean. The shelves in the cooling room are made from white wire, are extremely stable, safe and functional. For more information, please contact us.


Custom made cold rooms in 1-2-3 1. Create a simple sketch on a sheet of paper or your computer (e.g. Paint) a) Draw the cooling room you want and make a note of the dimensions – L x B x H. It does not matter if the drawing is in scale as long as the dimensions are correct. b) Show on the drawing where you want the door to the cooling room to be positioned and a suggestion for the position of the cooling unit. You can also provide examples of where you would like to have shelves. c) Make a note of what is on the walls e.g. outer walls, walls facing kitchen, corridor or outer wall underground. 2. Make a note of how you intend to use the cooling room: Refrigerator, Wine storage, Room for hanging game etc. 3. Send the drawing to us by fax, email etc. and we will draw, explain and price your cooling room. Our experts are happy to provide advice regarding solutions that can make your cooling room more user-friendly or smart ideas about utilisation. Remember to include your name, address and mobile phone number. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us for advice.