Self-build package 1 coldroom up to 8m3

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Self-build package 1 coldroom built in wood

Package with the most need parts to built a coldroom

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Self-build package 1 coldroom up to 8m3

The package includes:

  • EC 6 Cooling unit
  • Plastiv cover package
  • Surface mounted coldroom door
  • Led-Lamp for coldroom


Integrated cold room door is used if you want to mount a furniture plate on the door leaf so that it is similar to the kitchen interior.

Surface mounted cold room door is a little more affordable and is the most used door for self-built cold rooms. We can tailor cold rooms doors as well, if the standard door does not fit.


Split refrigiration units (two seperate units) is also recommended. The compressor part is often placed in a laundry room or basement / technical room up to 10 meters away.
Thermocold cooling units are very compact, quiet and have the lowest power consumption on the market. It provides the right temperature and humidity. Normal product temperatures are approx. to 5 ° C. The temperature in the air around the room varies e.g. between 2.5 to 7 ° C. Therefore, it is important to measure the temperature with a thermometer placed in a glass of water. In this way, the temperature is measured.


Thermocold cooling units have a connection for light that can be mounted on the ceiling, the power is obtained via a switch on the unit.


By dividing the cold room into two with a 5 cm insulated wall and adjustable shelf up and down, you will get a cold room of 5 ° C and a wine cellar of 12-13 ° C.
In this way you get a practical refrigerator / cool room with the same cooling unit,

Mounting options

Option  1
Self-built  coldroom with plastic-cover.