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Corner Fridges

Corner Fridge

The dream of good and clear space in the refrigerator can become a reality!

Thermocold creates Norwegian-produced cooling corners of the highest quality. Here, hygiene, ease of use, energy consumption, quality and modern design have been taken into account – all this to create a pleasant experience in the kitchen.

Thermocold refrigeration corner for private household has energy class A +.

Here are some tips:

Garlic: Stays in refrigerator for up to half a year, and 3-4 weeks on the kitchen counter.

Carrots: With stalks they relax for a few days. Remove the stalk and place the carrots in a bag in the cold room – then they will be able to stay nice for up to a month.

Store vegetables in plastic packaging so that they retain moisture and do not dry out.

Put potatoes in a plastic box that protects against moisture loss and light.
These are simple measures that extend the shelf life.

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