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Split Refrigeration Units

Quality since 1986

Thermocold has since 1986 manufactured refrigeration units in Norway. We supply quality cooling units with low noise levels, power consumption and with smart solutions for installation.

The split cooling unit is divided into two separate units. The compressor part is placed in adjoining rooms such as: laundry room, basement, attic, storage room or garage. The cooling part is placed inside the cold room.

This solution is one of our quietest solutions.

The cooling units fit just as well in cold rooms built in wood as in element cold rooms.

Our models have dust filters for quick and easy maintenance.

If the compressor part of the split unit is to be installed in ambient temperatures below 10 ° C, winter control is required. This can be delivered pre-assembled from the factory.

Split needs connection to drain for condensation names.

Installation must be carried out by authorized refrigeration engineers.

Find right model

Thermocold TL Split cooling unit comes in 3 models:

TL 6: Coold room up to 8m3

TL 10: Coold room up to 10m3

TL 16: Coold room up to 17m3

Inside the cold room you choose a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted evaprator

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