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Split Refrigeration Units

Thermocold har produsert Norsk kvalitet med yrkesstolthet i 25 år.

We work primarily with food quality, that is our focus when we speak of the production and development of refrigeration units. Our units are built with local parts produced in our immediate area. For those components are not available in Norway, we import only the best from the most reputable suppliers.

The construction of our units combines old-school techniques with new and modern technology. An example of this is that we produce machines with the least possible electronics, electronics being the biggest weakness of modern products today.

With properly dimensioned components, we ensure lower power consumption while maintaining a high refrigeration capacity in our units. With innovative tangential fans and the most renowned compressors, we ensure a low noise level that makes our refrigerators some of the quietest refrigeration units on the market.

The binding element throughout all our products is that they represent a desirable end result, therefore all our cold rooms are delivered with “Food Safe” laminate, which makes all surfaces antimicrobial and durable.

Points to remember when purchasing a split-unit

If the warm portion on the split-unit is to be installed in ambient temperatures below 10°C, winter controls are required. These can be delivered pre-assembled from the factory. Split-units need to be connected to a drain to remove condensation. Installation must be carried out by authorized refrigeration technicians.