Norske kjølerom, kjølehjørner & kjøleaggregaterNorwegian Cold Rooms, Corner Fridges & Refrigeration Units

Cold Rooms

As a Norwegian manufacturer of refrigeration units and cold rooms, we make all-purpose cold rooms for private households, shops, hospitals, schools, fisheries, research centers, and for anything else that requires refrigeration. We also import and resell reputable products to the professional market.

Our strength is that we offer quality Norwegian products, with the lowest electricity consumption on the market, at competitive prices. As a stand-alone manufacturer in Norway, great emphasis is placed on the lifetime, quality, environment, functional solutions, and energy savings of our products.

For 35 years we’ve made cold rooms in various forms and for our customers’ diverse needs, in order to see their dreams fulfilled. We have made everyday life easier for many companies, and created solutions no one else could deliver.

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CoLDROOMS – MADE in Norway
Lowest Energy Consumption –  High Cooling Capacity

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Cold Room Specialist: Norwegian Cold Rooms, Corner Fridges, & Refrigeration Units.

Thermocold delivers quality products within: cold rooms, customized cold rooms built to size, freezer rooms,  refrigeration units and corner fridges.

We supply

Cold rooms by dimension: Wine rooms, rooms for hanging game, drawer fridges, flower rooms, beer cooling rooms, pantries, medicine cabinets, laboratory rooms, medicine storage units, funeral rooms, cold storage for coffins, rooms for last offices, mop cabinets, cooled trailers, cold rooms for cars, commercial kitchen units, cooling for shops, private refrigeration units in cellars, cooling rooms under stairs or in kitchens etc.

Corner fridges: Standard corner fridge, ceiling-height corner fridge, corner fridges for kindergartens, canteens, commercial kitchens and corner fridges supplied according to specific dimensions.

Refrigeration Units: Cooling units for 8 m3, 12 m3, 17 m3 and 22 m3, both compact and as split units for corner fridges and larger cold rooms, replacement units for Norcool, Mitex and Polarhjørne etc. in addition to refrigeration units for canteens to commercial kitchens in our professional range of products. We also have units for connection to underfloor heating water pipes or buffer tanks for hot water tanks, a perfect alternative to today’s traditional air-to-air units – either as split units or compact models.

Cold Room Doors: We sell glass doors for wine cold rooms and cold rooms, standard external cold room doors, integrated cold room doors that can be fitted with kitchen fronts / furniture panels and professional cold/freezer room doors for commercial kitchens etc.

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