Standard Cold Room 7

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D1800 x W2200 x H2108 with floor, EC10 refrigeration unit and exterior door. Total width inc. air duct: add 40mm to the wall the cold unit is placed upon

Complet cold room

The largest standard cold room we have, with exceptional space where you can easily walk inside the cold room itself. The cold room keeps a nice refrigeration temperature and has plenty of space for food with 44 cm deep wire shelves on 3 walls and at 4 heights, as well as floor space for drink cases and potato sacks, etc.

This cold room has several options for door and refrigeration unit placement, and you choose the solution which works best for you based on the figures as shown below.Perfect for placement in a storage room, utility room, basement, hot garage, or cabin.
This cold room is also popular in kindergartens and large kitchens where the unit is upgraded for slightly higher performance.

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D1800 x W2200 x H2108 with floor EC 10 cooling unit and exterior door. Total width including air duct: 40mm larger on the wall unit is placed

Cooling rooms help reduce wastage and increase the durability of fruits and vegetables, as well as allowing you to keep all beverages chilled at all times. It is also the perfect solution for those who do not have the option of a fridge in the kitchen, but need the storage space. There is also no problem in a utility room, storage room, basement laundry room, garage or cabin.

Standard cold room 7 is a free standing cold storage room for private households and large kitchens. This fits everything from nurseries, canteen hunting, jam production, honey, wine storage and much more.

The cold room holds a nice refrigerator temperature and has plenty of space for food with 3-wall wire racks in 4 heights. There is floor space for cartons and potato sacks, etc. A bacterial-inhibiting Food-safe surface is inside the cold room. This ensures a durable and hygienic surface.

Super performance: The unit has high performance. This ensures faster cooling and longer shelf life of the food. One can freely choose between a compact cooling unit where the cooling unit is a unit, or a split cooling unit which is two-fold. Here the heating element is placed in one room other than where the cold room is located. Split cooling units must be installed by authorized refrigeration engineers.

The LED lamp with motion sensor gives a strong and good light that spreads throughout the cabinet.

Cooling rooms you can easily assemble even in a short time. The walls, floor and ceiling of the room itself are mounted together with a key and completely without a screw.

Why choose Thermocold:

  • Lowest power consumption in the market
  • Large internal volume – 7162 liters
  • Low noise level
  • Large shelf space
  • Antimicrobial walls, floors and ceilings
  • Easy maintenance with dust filter
  • Highest cooling capacity
  • Norwegian quality – solid and built to use
  • Easy assembly

TypeStandard kjølerom 7
Nettovolum:7162 ltr
Total bredde inkl. luftkanal: 40mm større på veggen aggregatet plasseres.
Isolasjon:54 mm polyuretan
Effektforbruk:1,67 A 220-2240V 50Hz
Kjølemedium: R600a Mengde: 106g
Termostat:Digital termostat
AvrimingAutomatisk avriming