Standard Cold Room 1

D583 x W1160 x H1948 including floor, TC6 refrigeration unit and integrated door.

The cabinet has a delicate white interior with glossy, attractive shelves that present well against the white background. We take full advantage of the corner’s area by pulling the shelves forward and creating both an unbeatable storage space and air circulation around your food. At the same time, you’re given a fantastic overview and control of the contents of your refrigerator. The cold room holds as much as approx. four standard refrigerators, and maintains a stable refrigeration temperature.

The cold room is intended for built-in integration into the kitchen, giving you a superior storage space. You can place drink cases on the floor, kettles, and cutlery / cake dishes right onto the shelves, while also having a complete overview of all the food within, making the system both economical and practical.

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Cold rooms help reduce wastage and increase the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, as well as allow you to keep all your beverages  refrigerated at all times. They are also the perfect solution for those who do not have the option of a corner refrigerator in the kitchen, but need the storage space. It is also fully possible to use a free-standing cold room in a utility room, storage room, basement, laundry room, or outside in the garage.

At Thermocold, you can also choose freely between the compact (Plug and Play) unit, or a two-part split unit which allows the unit itself to be placed in a different room from where the cold room itself is located. (Split-units must be mounted and assembled by  authorized technicians).

You can easily assemble our cold rooms in a short amount of time. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the room itself are assembled together with a key crank, and without a single screw.

  • Completely integrated W:1,200 x D:600
  • Net total capacity: 950 Liters
  • Height: 1,948 + base
  • Depth: 583 + kitchen fronts
  • Width: 1,200  including air duct
  • Sound Level:
  • Insulation: 54 mm polyurethane
  • Integrated Door
  • Wire shelves
  • Lamp with motion sensors
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Power consumption: 1,46 A 220-240V – 50Hz
  • Refrigerant: R600a 106g