Standard Cold Room 1

D583 x W1160 x H1948 including floor, TC6 refrigeration unit and integrated door.

The cabinet has a delicate white interior with glossy, attractive shelves that present well against the white background. We take full advantage of the corner’s area by pulling the shelves forward and creating both an unbeatable storage space and air circulation around your food. At the same time, you’re given a fantastic overview and control of the contents of your refrigerator. The cold room holds as much as approx. four standard refrigerators, and maintains a stable refrigeration temperature.

The cold room is intended for built-in integration into the kitchen, giving you a superior storage space. You can place drink cases on the floor, kettles, and cutlery / cake dishes right onto the shelves, while also having a complete overview of all the food within, making the system both economical and practical.

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D583 x W1160 x H1948 with floor, TC6 cooling unit and integrated door. Total width incl. Air duct: 1200 mm

If you want a large refrigerator and do not have the opportunity to place it in a corner, this is the solution for you.

The cabinet is delicate white interior with glossy shelves that stand well against the white walls. Here we have fully utilized the entire interior space, pulled the shelves far ahead and created an unbeatable storage space. The wire shelves provide faster cooling time and longer shelf life of your foods. At the same time you get a good overview and control of what you have in the closet. A bacteriostatic Food-safe surface is found inside the refrigerator. This ensures a durable and hygienic surface.
The refrigerator is built so you can easily place long pans, kettles and cartridges right into the cupboard.

Super performance: The unit has high performance. This ensures faster cooling and longer shelf life of the food. One can freely choose between a compact cooling unit where the cooling unit is a unit, or a split cooling unit which is two-fold. Here the heating element is placed in one room other than where the cold room is located. Split cooling units must be installed by authorized refrigeration engineers.

The LED lamp with motion sensor gives a strong and good light that spreads throughout the cabinet.

As an extra equipment, you can get a mineral water shelf for soft drinks or wine and shelves which makes it easier to place smaller products on shelves.

Why choose Thermocold

  • Lowest power consumption in the market
  • Large internal volume – 950 liters
  • Low noise level
  • Large shelf space
  • Antimicrobial walls, floors and ceilings
  • Easy maintenance with dust filter
  • Highest cooling capacity
  • Norwegian quality – solid and built to use
  • Easy assembly

  • TypeStandard kjølerom 1
    Nettovolum:950 ltr
    Høyde:1948 + sokkel (sokkel 150mm justerbar + -)
    Isolasjon:54 mm polyuretan
    Effektforbruk:1,46 A 220-2240V 50Hz
    Kjølemedium: R600a Mengde: 106g
    Termostat:Digital termostat
    AvrimingAutomatisk avriming