Professional Corner Fridge

Professional corner Fridge, version TC 10

You can now fulfil your dream of having plenty of space in your fridge! Thermocold manufactures top quality corner refrigerators in Norway!
Hygiene is in focus with these cooling rooms, which have bacteriostatic surfaces (food-safe) both externally and internally. The TC 10 is user-friendly and has a practical design. Energy consumption is low and the units provide the highest cooling capacity on the market, at 450 W, ensuring rapid cooling of food products and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Quality is ensured throughout, with extra reinforced shelves and hinges that can withstand a high level of use and wear and tear. The corner refrigerator has a modern design and is perfect for commercial use.


This corner refrigerator is used by more than 100 kindergartens for high quality, smart cooled storage of food for young children.

From the outside, all our corner refrigerators look more or less the same. Inside, the Thermocold corner refrigerators are larger than competing brands! We make use of all the space in the corner, providing customers with more volume than other brands. The capacity of our corner refrigerators is also unique, with rapid cooling and inhibiting bacterial growth, ensuring high quality for your food.

Your corner refrigerator will become an essential part of your kitchen. We can provide both free-standing or integrated corner refrigerators for your kitchen. The corner refrigerators can be integrated with kitchens from IKEA and all other brands sold in Norway and from most other countries.

We manufacture corner refrigerators for commercial use, such as in kindergartens, canteens, meeting rooms, institutions, restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens in general.
Sound and power supply
Significant time and resources have been invested in supplying what we believe to be the market’s quietest corner refrigerator in its class. The cooling unit is made up of noise-attenuating material and has unique drum fans that create very little noise and provide excellent circulation in the cooling room. Power consumption is the lowest on the market for this class of corner refrigerator, which is important in terms of economy. Cooling capacity on the other hand is the highest on the market, and our corner refrigerators are therefore very popular with customers looking for a corner refrigerator with stable, low temperatures.

Thermocold’s corner refrigerator has a volume which is around four to five times higher than a normal fridge.

The corner refrigerators have been tested in extreme conditions, providing more than satisfactory results.