TL16 Split-Compressor Unit for Cold Rooms up to 17 m3

TL16 Spiltt- Compressor unit for two-splitted cooling units, quiet and easy maintenance

TL16 split compressor unit is designed for cold storage rooms  for private households up to 17,000 liters.

Suitable for cold rooms built in wood and element rooms.

The model have dust filter  for quick and easy maintenance.

Inside the cold room you choose a wall-mounted evaporator

A two-divided refrigeration unit is one of our quietest solutions.


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Thermocold TL 16 split compressor unit for use in cold rooms up to 17,000 liters

The model is suitable for self-built cold rooms or Thermocold’s element cold rooms.

Thermocold split cooling unit is installed as two separate units. The compressor unit  is placed in adjoining rooms such as: laundry room, basement, attic, storage room or garage. Inside the cold room you choose a wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted evaporator.

This provides much greater flexibility with regard to mounting solutions.

A two-piece refrigeration unit is one of our quietest solutions.

Winter operating kits should be installed at colder temperatures of + 10 ° C

Installation must be carried out by authorized refrigeration engineers.

Why choose Thermocold

  • Low on power consumption
  • Dust filter, easy maintenance
  • Low noise level and low vibration
  • 5 year warranty
  • Norwegian produced quality product
  • Best on service

The cooling units are ranked according to a cold room made up of our cold room elements with Thermocold cold room door.
Volume is given in liters, with up to maximum size.

Cooling rooms built of elements: Cooling rooms made of elements have better insulation capacity than one cold room built in wood. Our 5cm thick cold storage meter equals 10cm with insulation. Here one does not have to think about how the room should be built up. Thermocold’s cold room elements are quick to assemble and have a surface that prevents bacteria from multiplying.

Cooling rooms built in wood: Make sure the room is built according to NS (Norwegian standard) or better. NS sets the minimum standard for self-built cold rooms, which describes the correct construction of cold rooms built in wood. Requirements for insulation are laid in floors, walls and ceilings. See more information about building here: Build your own cold room

Ambient temperature indicates the application area of ​​the cooling unit / cold room. At lower temperatures that can occur in e.g. cold basements, garages etc. you need winter control for the unit to have optimal operation or not damage.

NB! Various refrigeration doors, worn door gaskets, glass panels or glass doors in the room will require different calculation of performance, contact us or a dealer to evaluate the performance of the refrigerator

TL16 Split-Unit for Cold Rooms up to 17 m3 (17000 l) 
Refrigerant: R134a 200 g
Voltage: 220-240V AC 50 Hz
Thermostat rage: 3-12°C
Ambient Temperature:10-27°C
Weight: 16 kg
Dustfilter: Yes
Evaporation of condensation water:No
Automatic defrost: Yes