TL10 Split-Unit for Cold Rooms up to 12 m3 (12000 l)

The construction of our units combines old-school techniques with new and modern technology. An example of this is that we produce machines with the least possible electronics, electronics being the biggest weakness of modern products today.

With properly dimensioned components, we ensure lower power consumption while maintaining a high refrigeration capacity in our units. With innovative tangential fans and the most renowned compressors, we ensure a low noise level that makes our refrigerators some of the quietest refrigeration units on the market.

The binding element throughout all our products is that they represent a desirable end result, therefore all our cold rooms are delivered with “Food Safe” laminate, which makes all surfaces antimicrobial and durable.

TL10 Split-Unit for Cold Rooms up to 12 m3 (12000 l) 
Refrigerant: R134A CFC-fri 0,3 kg
Voltage: 220-240V AC 50 Hz
Compressor: Danfoss FR 10G
Cooling Effect: 12000 ltr/450W
Energy Consumption: 300W
Thermostat Setting: 3-12°C
Ambient Temperature: 10-27°C
Net Weight: 24 kg
Dust Filter: Yes
Condensation Evaporation: No
Automatic Defrost:Yes