TL16 FLEX – Cold Room up to 17 m3 (17000 l)

T16 FLEX for up to 17,000 liters with dust filter. The FLEX unit was created to make the job of swapping out older units simpler, and works up to 17,000 liters. It replaces various unit models and brands such as ITT, Norcool, Flebu, Mitex, etc.

Requires draining.

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Assembly Options

There are several assembly alternatives, find out which option is best for you and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Alternative 1
Self-built cold room with plastic cover.

Alternativ 2
Self-built cold room with fixed ventilation louvres on the foor and ceiling.

Alternative 3
Self-built cold room with vertical fixed ventilation louvres mounted sideways.

Element Cold Room with Fixed Ventilation Louvres / Grates

Alternative 4
Element cold room with fixed ventilation grates.

Alternativ 5
Element cold room, free-standing.

Alternative 6
Element cold room with fixed ventilation grates.

TL16 FLEX – Cold Room up to 17 m3 (17000 l) 
Exterior Dimensions: W475-D230-H787 mm
Light Opening: W440-H650 mm (Note: Requires at least 16 cm from the ceiling and down,
Width: from 44cm to 56cm
Height: 65cm.)
Refrigerant: R134A CFC-fri 0,39
Voltage: 220-240V AC 50Hz
Compressor: Danfoss SC15G
Cooling Effect: 17000ltr./780W
Energy Consumption: 490W
Thermostat Setting: 3-12°C
Ambient Temperature: 10-27°C
Net Weight: 26 kg
Dust Filter: Yes
Condensation Evaporation: No