EC6 – Cold Room up to 8m3 (8000 l)

The units are ranked according to the volume of the room, expressed in liters, and up to a maximum size.
These sizes require that the room is built in accordance with NS (Norwegian standard) or better. This standard sets the minimum for self-built cold rooms where requirements for insulation in floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as moisture barriers are presented.
An approved cold room door is also required. Glass panels or glass doors in the room will require a different performance calculation, please contact your dealer to evaluate the cold unit’s performance.

Also note that the ambient temperature indicates the application area of the unit / cold room. At lower temperatures like those that can occur in cold basements, garages etc. you will need winter controls to ensure the unit’s optimal operation, or risk damage. More info can be found on our website.

Assembly Options

There are several assembly alternatives, find out which option is best for you and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Alternative 1
Self-built cold room with plastic cover.

Alternativ 2
Self-built cold room with fixed ventilation louvres on the foor and ceiling.

Alternative 3
Self-built cold room with vertical fixed ventilation louvres mounted sideways.

Element Cold Room with Fixed Ventilation Louvres / Grates

Alternative 4
Element cold room with fixed ventilation grates.

Alternativ 5
Element cold room, free-standing.

Alternative 6
Element cold room with fixed ventilation grates.

EC6 – Cold Room up to 8m3 (8000 l) 
Exterior Dimensions: W530-D190/220-H810 mm
Light Opening: W440-H480 mm
Refrigerant: R600a 106g
Voltage: 220-240V AC - 50Hz
Compressor: Danfoss NLU11KK.1
Cooling Effect: 390W
Energy Consumption: 160W
Light Source: 220-240V
Thermostat Setting: 3-20°C
Ambient Temperature: 16-27°C
Net Weight: 27 kg
Dust Filter: Yes
Condensation Evaporation: Yes
Automatic Defrost: Yes