Standard Cold Room 3

Cold Room A eller B. D1200 x W1306 x H1948 with floor, EC6 refrigeration unit and integrated door Total width inc. air duct: 1346 mm

This room has long been the people’s favorite in private homes, when the cold room is located nearby, or inside the kitchen. Much of the reason for this is that the room can be integrated nicely with furniture panels on the door, as well as its large volume. The People’s Room also gives you the opportunity to quite literally step into the cold room itself. The refrigerator keeps a nice, cool temperature and has plenty of space for food with 44 cm deep wire shelves on 2 walls and at 4 heights, as well as floor space for drink cases and potato sacks, etc.
This cold room has 2 options for door and refrigeration-unit placement, and you choose either A or B based on the diagrams in the figures as shown below.
Perfect for placement in a kitchen, storage room, utility room, basement, or cabin.

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Cold rooms help reduce wastage and increase the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, as well as allow you to keep all your beverages  refrigerated at all times. They are also the perfect solution for those who do not have the option of a corner refrigerator in the kitchen, but need the storage space. It is also fully possible to use a free-standing cold room in a utility room, storage room, basement, laundry room, or outside in the garage.

At Thermocold, you can also choose freely between the compact (Plug and Play) unit, or a two-part split unit which allows the unit itself to be placed in a different room from where the cold room itself is located. (Split-units must be mounted and assembled by  authorized technicians).

You can easily assemble our cold rooms in a short amount of time. The walls, floor, and ceiling of the room itself are assembled together with a key crank, and without a single screw.

This cooling room has been named Folkerommet as it is the people’s choice – an extremely popular cooling room for private customers.

This cooling room has now been upgraded with the new TC6 compact unit that reduces power consumption by more than 40%, has a digital display and makes use of eco-friendly gas.

Its size is suitable for daily use and for celebrations! The pantry also helps you reduce food waste, increasing the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. With so much space, you can keep all your drinks cold all the time. It is also the perfect solution if you do not have space for a corner refrigerator/pantry in your kitchen. You can install the cooling room in a room off the kitchen, in a cupboard, laundry room, basement or in the garage. You can also choose between a compact unit (Plug and Play) or a split unit where the compressor is installed in a different room than the room where the cooling room is installed. (Split units must be installed by an authorised refrigeration installer.)

You can quickly and easily assemble a cooling room yourself. The walls, roof and floor of the cooling room are fitted together using a key and without a single screw.

The cooling rooms are manufactured in Norway from prefabricated cooling room elements, with extremely good insulation capacity. Walls, floor and roof are made of a type of steel known as food-safe. Food-safe steel has the capacity to withstand high wear and tear over a long period of time, and is recommended by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The food-safe elements inhibit bacteria and are very easy to keep clean. The shelves in the cooling room are made from wire, are extremely stable, safe and functional. For a cooling room tailor-made to your dimensions, see cooling rooms by dimensions.

Folkerommet 1,200 x 1,346 x H 1,948 (designed for integration) Available volume: approx. 2,400 litres Height: 1,948 Depth: 1,200 Width: 1,306 + 40 mm air duct (width 1,346) Sound level: Insulation: 54 mm polyurethane Cooling unit: TC6 Power consumption: TC6 160 W Cooling agent: TC6 R600a Cooling capacity: 390 W Automatic defrosting Integrated door LED lights with motion sensors Wire shelves 4 x 40 cm x 2 walls Optional equipment: We can supply bottle holders for four bottles to improve capacity in the cooling room. These are attached under the shelves and are also perfect for wine bottles.