Flower Cold Room

It is important to reduce wastage when selling flowers, proper cooling is ta must

In a flower room, air should never blow directly on the flowers.

Our long experience gives us an advantage and helps you find the right solution for your particular use. As a cold room specialist, we can offer standard solutions or specially adapted flower rooms.

Thermocold supplies these standard cooling rooms for flowers:

Flower Room 1 A: 1500 x 650 x 2108 with double glass door 49 938 NOK inc. VAT

Flower Room 1 B: 1500 x 650 x 2108 with sliding glass door 62 074 NOK inc. VAT

Flower Room 2: 1200 x 1650 x 2108 with simple glass door 55 750 NOK inc. VAT

Flower Room 3: 1800 x 2200 x 2108 with simple glass door 77 375 NOK inc. VAT


Contact our sales consultants for advice and guidance.

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Cooling is extremely important if you want to reduce waste when selling flowers. In a flower cooling room, it is important to prevent air flow directly onto the flowers. Humidity is also key. Cooling rooms tend to have high air humidity, causing the fins on the evaporator in the unit and machine to block, requiring frequent defrosting. The units can be fitted with a defrosting clock that triggers automatic defrosting, whereby humidity is removed from the air and transformed into condensation that is transported to an outlet.