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Cold Rooms

-There is only one correct method to measure the temperature in a cold room. The core temperature of the product must be measured. To do this, place a thermometer in a glass of water.

Measurement in air can be variable and inaccurate.

-We need to know the length, width, and height of the space you have available, where the door is to be placed and where the cooling unit is located. What the room is to be used for.

Tips, advice, and drawings are provided by Thermocold.

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-Temperature may vary slightly by desire, but the norm is probably around 12*C, humidity 60 to 75%

-Yes it is absolutely, the requirement that applies to private use is a minimum energy class of A+

-The most important thing is that the room is properly built and that the refrigerator is dimensioned according to the use and amount of meat that will hang there. The volume of the room is not necessarily always used as a starting point.

-There may be different reasons, but normally it’s due to the door not closing, too few defrost intervals, or an incorrect capacity on the cooling unit.

-Check our pages referencing cold rooms and you will find useful links and procedures there.

“Link to build your own cold room”

-Check the dealer and service map for a local dealer or find the price under Private Market.

Thermocold EC 6 and Thermocold TC 6 can be used from 0 – 8 m3

«Read more about Thermocold EC 6»

-No you must not have it, but in a private household it is highly recommended.

There are several reasons why: with floors you get a better insulated room, lower power consumption, less running time for your refrigeration unit, as well as less risk of moisture and condensation problems in the long run.

-You need a room with a moisture barrier on the heat side, insulation, and a properly sized cooling unit.

-Yep, not a problem! Create a sketch and contact us by

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-You should think about how much room you actually need or want, as it makes no sense to build a large cold room that you only use a small part of. Past that you have to think about air space surrounding the room. More tips can be found at «constructing your own cold room »

-They are equally good products. The corner fridge is probably best for electricity and space utilization in one corner. The pantry has its advantage if you have a straight wall available, but no free corner. The question then becomes what fits best in your kitchen.

-F Gas Certificate A required certificate you must have in order to work with any type of refrigerant gas, for example:

R134a which is in our split units. «Read more about split units»

Refrigeration Units

Put a thermometer in a glass with water and check the product temperature. The display on a refrigeration unit shows the working temperature and will vary depending on how long the door has remained open. If the temperature is set to 4 degrees, the display will show between approximately 2 – 6.5 degrees while in use.

There can be varying reasons, but normally we assume that the door isn’t properly sealed. Replacing the magnet seal or changing out the door hing can help to remove this problem.

-Send us the light opening you have in your wall today, along with the distances to the wall and ceiling.

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Normally this points to that the door has stood open, the drain to the condensation water has been clogged, or that the channel for the water itself has a leak.

Close the door, clear the drain with a thin, stiff object, or seal the leak in the channel with glue.

There is only one correct way to measure the temperature in a cold room. You need to measure the core temperature of your product. This is done by placing a thermometer in a glass of water.

Air measurements can vary, and be imprecise.

-Split is a two-part refrigeration unit that allows the cooling part to be placed in the cold room and the compressor part outside or in a basement. Remember, a pipe will need to be laid between the cooling part and the compressor. «Read more about split units»

-It depends a bit on the type of refrigerant and if it is possible to find the leak.

If the refrigeration unit has refrigerant R12 or R22, you can safely be assured that you must then replace the whole unit.

-On the website you will find a dealer map. They help you with what is likely a worn fan motor.

-F Gas Certificate A required certificate you must have in order to work with any type of refrigerant gas, for example:

R134a which is in our split units. «Read more about split units»