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Thermocold KFD AS
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Thermocold KFD AS
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Thermocold KFD AS always wants to provide the best possible service to our customers. Consumer purchases via our e-commerce solution are regulated in the Norwegian Consumer Purchases Act, the Norwegian Right of Withdrawal Act, the Norwegian Marketing Act, the Norwegian E-Commerce Act and the Norwegian Credit Purchase Act.

Business purchases (B2B) are regulated by the Norwegian Purchases Act and our ordinary sales conditions.

Personal information

Thermocold KFD AS processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Information that can be linked to you as an individual will never be made available to other companies or be linked to external registers.


All prices only apply when ordering in the e-commerce solution, and can be shown both inclusive and exclusive VAT. The total cost of the purchase will be stated before your order goes to the payment system. Shipping may be additional depending on shipping method and weight.

Shipping and shipping costs for private consumers:

We operate with a fixed shipping – 200 NOK / shipment for orders under 1000 NOK. Free delivery for orders over 1000 NOK

Shipping and handling costs business purchase:

We operate with a fixed minimum shipping – 200 NOK / shipment for orders under 1000 NOK

For purchases over 1000 NOK shipping is calculated as a percentage of the total purchase amount.

For purchases outside Norway, shipping costs are calculated for each individual purchase case.


We require payment for the product from the moment it is sent from us to the customer.


Under normal circumstances goods will be sent from us 1 -5 working days after the order is received. If stock is limted we will notify you by email or phone.

Thermocold KFD AS may invoice from the carrier in arrears. After notification has been given that goods have arrived at their intended destination they must be collected or delivered within 3 days.

After the pick-up deadline, storage rent is calculated according to the carrier’s rates and charged per 100kg at the beginning of each 24-hour period.

Shipping damage must be marked on the consignment note. It must be reported to Thermocold KFD AS a maximum of three days after the product has been delivered.

Delivery Tracking

When the goods are ready for dispatch from our warehouse, we will send you a delivery confirmation by email with the shipment number. Delivery confirmation is sent before the carrier picks up the goods from us. It may therefore take a few hours before the package can be tracked.

Payment Solutions

When you shop at Thermocold KFD AS, payment is processed by invoice or by KLARNA AS, which is a secure electronic payment solution for Kredittkjøp, Visa and Mastercard / Eurocard. All card information is stored in relation to the card companies’ regulations.

Business / business customers in Norway can purchase via Klarna Checkout and invoice.

Business / business customers outside Norway can purchase via Invoice

Private individuals in Norway can purchase via Klarna Checkout

Private individuals outside Norway purchase via invoice


If you want to cancel your purchase you must contact us by phone to +47 69 10 24 00 or by e-mail to as soon as possible. Our switchboard is open from 08-16 Monday to Friday.


Before reporting an error, check if the error may be due to user-related conditions. If there is a defect in the item, you must within a reasonable time give Thermocold KFD AS written notice (e-mail or letter) and report the defect. We will then let you know what to do next.

Uncollected Packages

In case of uncollected packages, the customer will be charged a fee of 500 NOK for coverage of two-way shipping and order processing.

Right of Return / Exchange

In the case of consumer purchases, the return period applies from the day the buyer receives the item and 14 days onwards. If you as a consumer want to cancel or return the purchase, you must return the item in the same condition as you received it (unused and in the original packaging), and attach the completed return form you have received from us. You will then be refunded the purchase price including shipping. Buyer pays return postage. See more information on the right of return form.

The right of return does not apply to business purchases (B2B) or specially adapted products. In such cases, the Purchase Act and our ordinary terms of sale apply.


Thermocold KFD AS guarantees that the product delivered has the properties and quality described in our brochures and other sales material.

Small deviations due to product changes may occur. The warranty period runs for 2 years from the time when the product was delivered to the customer. It is important that the customer follows the installation / operating instructions carefully. Where special mounting is required due to wall thickness that is outside normal parameters or has aerodynamic solutions / deviations to the room on the hot side of the appliance, this must be approved by Thermocold KFD AS or professional expertise at the purchase location. Adjacent rooms are also required to have proper ventilation. Even through normal use, the products will be exposed to wear, which necessitates preventive maintenance, and thus replacement of wear components such as fans, compressors with starting equipment and thermostats. These are components with variable service life depending on use and maintenance.

Consumer purchases

These terms regulate the customer’s rights vis-à-vis Thermocold AS as a supplier of new products intended for use in private households. The supplier has a duty to rectify errors or omissions so long as the customer has a purchase receipt.

Buyer’s Rights

Complaint deadline is 2 years. When the product or parts of the product are intended to last significantly longer, the deadline is 5 years.

In the event of a complaint, the condition is that the defect was present at the time of delivery. However, the customer loses his right to make a claim if he does not make the complaint within a reasonable time after the defect is discovered or should have been discovered.

In the event of purchase law deficiencies, Thermocold KFD AS has the right to repair the product within the deadline outlined in the Norwegian Consumer Purchase Act.

Transport / Repair / Replacement

Thermocold AS or a dealer can decide in between whether faults or defects are to be repaired at the customer’s location, at their own workshop, or at a designated workshop.

The customer is obliged to make the product available to the repairer. Thermocold AS pays for the cost of repairs within a natural distance between supplier and customer. Where the distance is more than 30 km, and if the supplier causes unreasonable costs for travel, the customer must bring / send the product PROPERLY PACKAGED to the workshop in the most cost effective means while in agreement with the supplier.

The customer can claim financial losses compensation under the Norwegian Purchase Act. However, the Supplier is in no case liable for indirect losses §67 (2)

In the event of damage to objects that have a direct or close connection with the product’s use or function, the supplier is only liable for damages to the extent that this follows from mandatory legal rules. This also applies to personal injuries. damages of this kind shall be dealt with between customer and supplier.

Thermocold AS’s liability does not include:

  1. Repair / intervention carried out by unauthorized personnel or non-original parts, and installation of the device in other installations or products over which Thermocold AS has no control.
  2. Installation that does not follow the regulations of the local electrical workshop, and our installation instructions.
  3. Treatment in violation of the instructions for use (inadequate maintenance).
  4. Transport damage that has not been reported to the shipping company, and accidents after delivery that are outside supplier / dealer control. Examples include but are not limited to elements such as lightning strikes, electrical disturbances such as high / low voltage variation in excess of 10% of the rated voltage.

Business Purchases.

Business Purchases cover everything not covered by private consumer purchase. Examples include but are not limited to if the products are in cafes, restaurants, fast food restaurants, hotels, motels, companies or other commercial activities as well as used in schools, institutions, dormitories, kindergartens, sports facilities, communal households and where the customer pays in full or in part for the use of the device or rental conditions, and the device is used to maintain the product the customer sells.

The complaint period and warranty period for B2B purchases is 1 year. This applies to any loss the defect may cause, such as. operating losses, lost profits, and other financial consequential losses. This limitation of the supplier’s liability does not apply if he has been guilty of gross negligence.