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Refridgeration Education

What does a refrigeration technician do?

Refrigeration technicians install and perform maintenance on all types of refrigeration systems. Refrigeration systems can be found all over the community, including in shops, hotels, office buildings, ice cream parlors, gas tankers, cruise boats and hospitals.

As a refrigerator technician, you will be able to master a wide range of tasks within interdisciplinary areas. Mechanics, electrical engineering, automation, plumbing and welding are just some of the areas you will be trained in if you choose the cold and heat pump line of education.

Your workplace could be at home in your home town, on an oil platform, on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, or posted on a project in Africa. If you are willing to learn and have practical knowledge, there are plenty of opportunities in this industry. Even if you are of the more theoretical kind, there is a need for engineers.

This field of study gives you the opportunity to work in many occupations. Examples include an engineer, technician, machinist, project manager, consultant, technical salesperson, product developer or energy consultant.


To become a refrigeration technician, you must first go for a year of electro (VG1 Elektro) or technology and industrial production. (VG1 TIP). You can then apply to the education line for cold and heat installers (VG2 Refrigeration). From here, the possibilities are many. Education in the field of cold and heat pumping technology ranges from an installer to a Master’s degree.

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