Norske kjølerom, kjølehjørner & kjøleaggregaterNorwegian Cold Rooms, Corner Fridges & Refrigeration Units

About Thermocold

Thermocold is a Norwegian manufacturer of cold rooms, refrigeration units and cold room doors.

As a Norwegian manufacturer of refrigeration units and cold rooms, we make all-purpose cold rooms for private households, shops, hospitals, schools, fisheries, research centers, and for anything else that requires refrigeration. We also import and resell reputable products to the professional market.

Our strength is that we offer quality Norwegian products, with the lowest electricity consumption on the market, at competitive prices.
As a stand-alone manufacturer in Norway, great emphasis is placed on the lifetime, quality, environment, functional solutions, and energy savings of our products.

For 35 years we’ve made cold rooms in various forms and for our customers’ diverse needs, in order to see their dreams fulfilled. We have made everyday life easier for many companies, and created solutions no one else could deliver.

Our motto is: Quality lasts the longest!