Comark RF312-TP WIFI wireless temperature logger

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Diligence Wifi logs RF312-TP with sensor
Temperature gauge with sensor wire. Temperature ranges -20 to + 60 * C (sensor can withstand -40 to + 125 * C)

Perfect for cooling and freezing rooms both private and for nourishment. The device records all information and sends it to your computer via the wifi network.


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Use Comark temperature loggers to monitor the temperature of cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators and freezers, storage rooms.

  • Easy to install yourself
  • Connecting to existing WiFi networks requires no wiring
  • Quick to mount anywhere with wifi coverage
  • Use Diligence WiFi secure software to view data and report
  • Reliable temperature data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Built-in visual WiFi signal meter
  • For PC only

Software for PC

The RF300 software can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer’s website and installed on a PC connected to a wireless network. Using the software, the data loggers can be connected to the same wireless network. For settings of intervals and alarms on the different nodes can be used with the same PC and software. The same applies to storage of measurement data. Alarms can be recorded as audio from programs in the PC.

Cloud service

If you do not want to use your own PC for storing measurement data or have placed data loggers in many different places, you can create a “Cloud” solution. This is done by creating a custom user on the manufacturer’s website and thus using the “Cloud” solution. Through local software, a simple one establishes a connection between your data loggers located on the local network and the server of the manufacturer. This allows you to make all settings on the data logs from the manufacturer’s website and one can store all measurement data on their server.

Foe Cloud-service: Comark Cloud