Wine Room

Do you dream about having your own wine storage or wine cellar?

Thermocold has accumulated close to 30 years of experience in building wine cellars and wine cooling rooms. Over these years, we have developed the expertise required to manufacture top quality wine cooling rooms. Please feel free to contact us for a chat if you plan to build your own wine cooling room or would prefer a wine cooling room ready for installation. No matter the size of your wine cooling room, they do not have to cost the earth as long as certain aspects are provided for, including vibrations, stable temperature and lighting. We can provide you with exclusive and tailor-made wine shelves, or advice on how to build your own Eike shelves.

We have supplied wine cooling rooms and wine cooling units to some of the most exclusive wine cellars in Norway and for smaller cooling rooms owned by private wine collectors. Every customer wants to make sure their wine collection is stored at the correct temperature, but preferably at an acceptable price. We provide sketches and drawings of your wine cooling room before production starts. With such extensive expertise, we can guarantee customers that our wine cooling rooms will be customized to their requirements in terms of structure and position in their chosen location.

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Wine needs to be kept at the correct temperature to prevent damage. We can supply wine cooling rooms for small and large collections of either expensive or more reasonably priced wines that need to be cooled. All wines require proper storage.

Contact us for a customised cooling room that suits the space you have, how you intend to use it and your style preferences, such as glass doors with a brushed steel frame or tinted glass on one of the walls on display.

We can supply a full range from reasonably priced wine cooling units that lower the temperature to the required storage temperature, to professional wine cooling rooms that can increase/decrease humidity and temperature in one wine cooling unit.

We also supply fully manufactured wine cooling rooms/wine cellars in white elements or with Eike laminate for a perfect finish! Your wine cooling room can be fitted with glass windows and glass doors with a stainless steel cover on the surrounding frame.

The purpose of maturing a wine is to improve its quality. The purpose of storage is to preserve the quality of the wine from the moment it is purchased until you are ready to drink it. Maturing wine You do not have to be an expert to mature wine, and you do not need an advanced wine cellar. If you have a cool room, this is fine. However, the temperature in the room must remain low and stable, the air humidity must be low and the lighting kept low. For a wine cellar, you have to do your best to achieve as many of the following features as possible: • The ideal temperature for maturing wine is between 8°C and 12°C. Many cellars get warmer during the summer and colder in winter. This is however not so significant for wine as long as the changes in temperature occur gradually. Wine does not like sudden changes in temperature. If the wine is stored at warm temperatures, it will mature more quickly and may taste like it has been boiled. If the wine gets too cold, it may not mature as it should and may develop sediment. You should therefore prevent wine from freezing. • The air humidity in a wine cellar should be 60-%. If the wine cellar has a higher humidity than this, the wine will not be damaged but the labels on the bottle may fall off. • Wine bottles need to be stored in the dark, as light can affect the colour of the wine and increase the rate of maturing. Storage A number of wines are produced to be enjoyed when still young, and normally do not benefit from being kept for more than six months to one year. With time, these wines will start to lose their freshness and may start to oxidise. This is a slow and gradual process, but is accelerated when temperatures are high. It is important to store these wines in a dark room where temperatures are not too high. Wines with a natural cork have to be kept in a horizontal position so the cork remains moist and does not allow air into the bottle. Bottles with a screw top must be kept in a vertical position as long-term contact between the wine and the metal top can affect the taste. Wine with a synthetic cork can be kept in either a vertical or horizontal position. Wine in boxes should be drunk soon after purchase. They should be kept in a cool place and drunk within a period of three to six months. Once the boxes have been opened, the recommended storage time is shorter.