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Wifi Temperature Logger

Temperature and humidity meter with wireless data logger!

Comark’s Diligence WiFi data logger provides an easy way to collect temperature data automatically, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For any organization involved in providing or serving food to the public, it provides crucial visibility of food security requirements. Manual temperature collection takes valuable time that could be removed by automation and it also eliminates the risk of errors. An audible alarm gives an alert when the temperature drops out of preset conditions, so that corrective action can be taken before valuable items are compromised. As soon as the Diligence WiFi network is set up, the temperature or humidity is continuously logged and data is transmitted wirelessly via your existing WiFi network to a PC and displayed using a preliminary free Diligence WiFi secure software package. Once installed software is ready, you can do setup, data logging and data review. Historical data can be viewed via the graphical tool or exported to Excel.

Use Diligence WiFi loggers to monitor areas such as cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators and freezers, storage rooms, blow coolers and heat holding cabinets. • rechargeable. A full charge lasts 3-12 months

Note: The computer program is not compatible with Mac and iPhones can only be used in the cloud for reading.

  • Easy to install yourself
  • Connecting to existing WiFi networks requires no wiring
  • Quick to mount anywhere with wifi coverage
  • Use Diligence WiFi secure software to view data and report
  • Reliable temperature data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Built-in visual WiFi signal meter

Get started with Wifi Temperature Loggers

PC software: Comarkinstruments software doesn’t work on MAC

Link to cloud:

Sign in – download the program to PC – create Cloud account if you want (it costs about 20 NOK per month, but if you sign up before 30 June 2015 you get one year free trial) – tap the symbol to open the program – connect the logger to the USB port of your PC – press set-up Device – choose if you only want to log on PC or if you want to use the Cloud – PC will now find the device automatically – select network – key network password (password saved to next logs) – provide desired name of logger eg: freezer room 1. or cold room kitchen. – the logger is now connected to the Cloud and ready to use – then connect to the next logger and repeat the procedure until all loggers are registered, you can have up to 100pcs per Cloud account.


You can now use the symbol on PC or go online with your mobile phone ( and log in to the Cloud with e-mail and password to read the measurements – create statistics – create categories (eg have Do you make more stores? Do you create location names such as Bakery Akersgaten, Konditoriet Flesveien, etc.) 3 loggers down to Akersgaten loggesse with your PC on the network in the store and name in the program the location, then you put them in the location Bakery Akersgaten – set alarms at min and max temp – create alerts to email about alarm, battery level etc.

Extra: Alarms / alerts can be sent as SMS, but then you have to, for example. use Front Office or similar services that change email to SMS.

Other versions of wifi loggers can be provided by request.