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Cold Room Built to Measure

We produce cold rooms to your specifications and intended use

– Do none of our standard rooms fit your needs?
– Do you intend to use the cold room for something special or unique?

We make cold rooms fit-to-measure in your home, in the living room, the kitchen, under the stairs,  in the basement, out in the garage, at work, or in the barn.

We fit the room to your intended use, whether it’s as a refrigerator, wine cellar, extra cold storage, beer production, for berries, vegetables, meat tenderizing, and much more; regardless of whether the unit is to be placed in a cold or  warm temperature environment.

We have extensive experience in refrigeration technology and have created cold rooms of different sizes and for different  applications for 35 years. We help you with customizations, dimensions, and special arrangements.

We offer customization of our cold rooms so you can freely decide the dimensions, even down to the centimeter. You can create cold rooms with sloping ceilings, interior corners, and with walls at your desired angles. Our experts often provide input on what conditions you need to consider in order for everything to fit together and be  assembled correctly.

Of course, we also make technical drawings so you can double-check  measurements prior to production, – delivery time is normally around 14 days.

The advantages of using element rooms rather than building them (self-built), even in wood, are many. You save space, as our element rooms only build out 54 mm, with up to 3 times the insulating capacity of traditional insulation. You receive a well insulated room which minimizes both your travel time, and power consumption.

All surfaces are “Food Safe” laminated and give you a durable and  antimicrobial surface throughout the cold room. The room is clicked into place with an included key, and can be disassembled and possibly moved to another location later.

You also don’t have to worry about mold and rot as the element rooms are completely sealed with a double moisture barrier. Get in touch and we’ll find a solution that fits your needs exactly!

Our Cold Rooms Built to Measure