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The pantry has now been upgraded with the new TC6 compact unit that reduces power consumption by more than 40%, has a digital display and makes use of eco-friendly gas.

The pantry’s capacity corresponds to that of around four fridges and has a stable temperature of 4 to 5°C (fridge temperature). This cooling room is ingenious as it can be integrated with the rest of the kitchen with the same sides and fronts. It is an excellent product for cool storage. You can place a whole crate of bottles with drinks on the floor, pans and large platters of sandwiches/cakes onto the shelves and still have control of all your other food. This is both an economic and practical solution. The cooling room is also completely airtight and inhibits bacteria, so you do not have to worry about humidity damage etc. that may occur if you have a cooling room made of wood.

The pantry also helps you reduce food waste, increasing the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. With so much space, you can keep all your drinks cold all the time. It is also the perfect solution if you do not have space for a corner refrigerator/pantry in your kitchen. You can install the pantry cooling room in a room off the kitchen, in a cupboard, laundry, basement or in the garage. You can also choose between a compact unit (Plug and Play) or a split unit where the compressor is installed in a different room than the room where the cooling room is installed. (Split units must be installed by an authorised refrigeration installer.)

You can quickly and easily assemble a cooling room yourself. The walls, roof and floor of the cooling room are fitted together using a key and without a single screw. Once assembly is complete, you can fit the cooling room with kitchen fronts from any supplier, e.g. IKEA, Strai, HTH, Sigdal, Norema etc.

Technical Data
  • Pantry 1,200 x 600 x H 1,948 + base (designed for integration)
  • Available volume: approx. 1000 litres
  • Height: 1,948 + base (2,100)
  • Depth: 583 (600 with kitchen fronts)
  • Width: 1,160 (1,200 with air duct)
  • Sound level: 42 dB/28 dB
  • Insulation: 54 mm polyurethane
  • Power consumption: 160W
  • Cooling agent: R600a
  • Cooling capacity: 390 W
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Integrated door
  • LED lights with motion sensors
  • Wire shelves 4 x 40 cm shelves fitted on the rear wall
  • GWP: 3 (Global Warming Potential)
Optional equipment:

Door that prevents drafts

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