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Refrigeration Units

Quality since 1986

Thermocold has been producing refrigeration units in Norway since 1986, resulting in quality units with low noise levels, low power consumption, and with smart solutions for assembly. Our refrigeration units fit equally as well in cold rooms built in wood as they do in element rooms. The refrigeration units are mounted firmly to the wall inside the cold room. That way, you can choose between a plastic cover or two small vents on the warm side of the cold room.

Our models feature dust filters for quick and easy maintenance, as well as low energy consumption and low noise levels. The units on most models automatically remove condensation water without the need for drainage. SEE ALSO for assembly instructions and more  information on installation possibilities.

Quick explanation about type designations in our models:

We are proud of our TC models, the TC units are an upgrade and a replacement for our previously manufactured TL units, but they are well suited for either replacement or new installation. The TC upgrade is mainly for power consumption reduction and environmentally friendly refrigerant gas.

The FLEX model is a replacement unit that fits in a number of light openings of several of today’s and previously sold models from other manufacturers, with slightly differing light openings in the wall than standard TL / TC / EC units.

The EC6 / 10 models are our very latest unit, and are based on much of the same principle as the TC models but with a completely new design, a super-insulated unit box that offers significantly reduced running time and power consumption. This model differs from previous traditional light openings and will be delivered as a standard unit from autumn 2019. EC5 are used exclusively for our A + corner refrigerators with inverter controlled compressors, and the market’s lowest power consumption. EC6 and EC10 are for cold rooms regardless of whether you build them yourself or buy finished element cold rooms from us.

New in 2019

We have launched our brand new EC refrigeration unit

INFO: The units are ranked according to the volume of the room, expressed in liters, and up to a maximum size. These sizes require that the room is built in accordance with NS (Norwegian standard) or better. This standard sets the minimum for self-built cold rooms where requirements for insulation in floors, walls, and ceilings, as well as moisture barriers are presented.

An approved cold room door is also required. Glass panels or glass doors in the room will require a different performance calculation, please contact your  dealer to evaluate the cold unit’s performance.

Also note that the ambient temperature indicates the application area of the  unit / cold room. At lower temperatures like those that can occur in cold  basements, garages etc. you will need winter controls to ensure the unit’s optimal operation, or risk damage. More info can be found on our website.

Our Refrigeration Units