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Standard Cold Room

General information for all our cold rooms:

Our cold rooms are manufactured in Norway and are built with prefabricated cold room elements foamed with PUR, which is an exceptional insulator. The wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces in the room are made of steel and a “Food Safe” laminate that can withstand high wear and tear over a long period of time, and is recommended and approved by the Food Processing Authority. The cold rooms are antimicrobial and very easy to keep clean, as well as being completely airtight – so you are protected against moisture damage and similar situations which may arise from, for example, cold rooms built in wood. The room requires 5 cm of space between the wall and vent openings for circulation should you fully embed it.

All rooms include white wire shelves that are extremely stable, safe, and functional. Our standard cold rooms have a compact (plug and play) unit, but they can instead be supplied with a two-part split unit. Split units require assembly by certified personnel; the compact unit you can assemble yourself. All standard rooms are delivered with a floor, ceiling, walls, shelves,  refrigeration unit, LED light with motion sensor, and cold room door. The rooms come flat packed with all the materials you’ll need to assemble the room yourself. You can order hunting suspension attachments as an option for all our standard cold rooms.

Volume and space are not the only reasons why people use cold rooms, much of it has to do with the shelf-life of food products. Cold rooms have higher refrigeration capacity / performance and air circulation that results in far more rapid cooling of the food products you put into the room. This results in  reduced bacterial growth and increased shelf-life, especially for meat and dairy products. Proper storage of fruits and vegetables inside the refrigeration room provides a much longer shelf life than many realize. Packaging your vegetables to avoid them drying out, or storing potatoes in light-tight, dry boxes are just a few of these techniques.

Some Tips:

Garlic: Keeps for up to six months in a refrigerator, and 3-4 weeks on your kitchen counter.

Carrots: On the stem they soften in a matter of days. Remove the stem and place the carrots in a plastic bag inside the refrigerator – they’ll easily keep for up to a month.

Keep your vegetables in plastic wrapping so they don’t lose their moisture, and dry out.

Place your potatoes in a plastic box that’s both light-tight, and protects against moisture loss.

These are but a few simple steps that can extend the shelf-life of your food.

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Wine rack / bottle rack.


Floor protection plate for corner fridges and pantries,  protects your floor from scratches via drink cases, etc.

Draft door / inner door.

Shelf plate.

Our Standard Cold Rooms